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Rolex Day-Date 40mm Platinum Meteorite Review

This Platinum 40mm Rolex Day-Date is not of this world. Join us while reviewing the Rolex Day-Date 40mm Meteorite Reference #M228239-0055 228239.

Meteorites are rare. These meteorite dial Rolex watches are also hard to come by. Rolex reserves only some of the features for their best watches, and some models are equipped with dials made from real meteorites. Let’s get intimate with one of them, shall we?
Rolex watches are known for their extraordinary dials, but the look and texture of these alien meteorite dials really do look out of place. Rolex has a history of pairing some of its most famous and celebrated watch collections with rare materials, dials that can only be found on white gold or 18kt gold watches.
Most meteorites are usually made of space rocks, or pieces of the planetary core that end up in our orbit and are gravitationally drawn to Earth from our planet. Most meteorites also look like an ordinary old rock, so where do they find meteorites that look so attractive? To answer this question, we have to go back almost 200 years, during which time Captain Alexander Alexander reported on the IVA-type meteorite known as the “Gibbon” meteorite in Namibia’s Namakwaran. An 11.25-inch x 8.75-inch replica rolex day date watches x 0.25-inch thick Gibeon meteorite sold for $11,875 at Christie’s. Hopefully it will give you some context of value.

The Yoshimoto meteorite is believed to be part of the planet’s core and has a unique crystalline crosshair pattern, which consists mainly of crystalline iron and nickel. Once the meteorite is cut into thin slices, this pattern can only be seen on the inside. This pattern is also known as Widmanst├Ątten pattern or Thomson structure (probably easier to pronounce). These patterns are usually found in octahedral iron meteorites and some calcite. This pattern does not appear in the iron ore of the earth.

Any remnants of the 26,000 kilograms of basaltic meteorites found along the Big Fish River in Namibia are now under the protection of the Namibian Government. Fortunately, Rolex managed to procure some of this interstellar material before these protective laws were enacted.

This beautiful meteorite dial features 18kt white gold hands and French baguette diamond hour markers. The curved date window is located above the polished Rolex logo at 12 o’clock and features a one-eyed magnifying glass that blends with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to enhance the visibility of the 3 o’clock date window. Dates and dates will switch immediately at midnight, unlike many other watches that will change gradually.
The 18kt white gold case is 40mm in diameter (47.4mm from one lug to the other) and 12mm thick. Rolex has its own foundry that allows them to cast gold from the finest alloys. Ensure maximum shine. They use their own in-house laboratory to examine each metal obtained to ensure maximum purity using next generation equipment. It brings to mind the popular adage, “If you want to make sure you do it right, you need to do it yourself!” .
With its 18kt white gold Twinlock crown and fluted bezel, the case’s wave design is one of the most obvious “Rolex” features. It is instantly recognizable and very refined. This feature of the Rolex creates a mixture of light and shadow when light hits the gold recessed replica rolex watches border. Initially, this was used more to capture the functional design elements of the rotating bezel. However, as time has passed, this has become an advanced aesthetic feature of Rolex in some of its prized collections, even on fixed (non-rotating) bezels such as this one, which can only be found in gold.

This magnificent timepiece is powered by the Rolex 3255 self-winding movement, which is self-winding internally. It has an amazing power reserve of about 70 hours and oscillates at a rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour. This 31 jewel movement features a blue paramagnetic Parachrom hairspring and is further protected by Rolex’s proprietary Paraflex shock absorbers.

The 3255 movement is both a COSC-certified chronometer and a top-of-the-line one. This means that the movement was first sent to a third-party laboratory at COSC and received chronometer status, a prestigious book of precision pedigrees that proves its daily deviation of -4 / + 6 seconds. The movement is then sent back to Rolex, where it is protected and adjusted until it reaches an accuracy rating of no less than an amazing -2 / + 2 seconds per day. Most importantly, it is a highly accurate mechanical movement.
Like the case, the President’s bracelet is made of 18kt white gold and looks exquisite. It has a semi-circular link with a brushed finish on the outer link and a polished finish on the inner link. Fully linked to accommodate wrist size O

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