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15 little secrets you didn’t know about Rolex

Why are those watches so expensive?

Some watches are expensive because they’re made of more fancy materials, like a lot of diamonds, a lot of gems, and so on. There are also watches that are expensive because of their craftsmanship, where craftsmen have been working for centuries on how to make the movement more accurate, more precise and more refined. And then of course there are watches that are expensive to pretend to be because they have hired a lot of celebrities for a lot of commercials.

Luxury watch brands that have become hard cash

There are many jewellery and watch brands that want to create luxury yet functional watches. However, looking at the global luxury watch industry, Rolex has done a relatively more influential job at this point. Rolex has gone to great lengths to make the owner of its branded watches appear to have more taste and status, and this extreme spirit has allowed Rolex watches to survive the wash of time and still have their high historical value, to the extent that Rolex has become a kind of hard currency in a way.

How many world firsts have Rolex had?

No one can really count the number of world firsts that Rolex has had. There are some pretty legendary historical stories you need to know about such a respectable and legendary brand, apart from buying a watch to show your wealth and connoisseurship. Or maybe,replica watches uk once you know these stories, you will silently resolve that I will buy a Rolex watch too.

“15 little secrets you didn’t know about Rolex.

1.The founder is not Swiss

Although Rolex is a Swiss company, it was founded in London by a German and an Englishman together.It’s like some brands that are registered in the US, but the designer and factory are in China, haha.Of course, it’s not about the origin of the brand, it’s about the creation.

2.The name is simple enough

The reason why Rolex is called Rolex is because the founder wanted a name that could be easily pronounced in any language.

3.because of tariffs again

In 1919, Rolex moved from London to Geneva because the tariffs on British imports and exports were too high! I think so, huh? Of course, Geneva is also the capital of the global watch industry.4.

4.The first good movement on earth

Rolex designed and built the first rotor on earth that could turn 360 degrees, while giving the automatic mechanical movement a power reserve of 35 hours.

5.The first water-resistant watch on earth

Rolex created the first water-resistant watch on earth in 1926 with an original screw-down caseback, bezel and crown called the Oyster, lol.It was known in this country as the Oyster.Later, Rolex continued to invent and improve, inventing a self-winding mechanism to create the Perpetual model that would become so popular.

6.The first calendar watch on earth

In 1945, Rolex created the first watch with a date change dial and the ability to indicate the date and day of the week in 26 languages.

7.The ubiquitous watch

Mountaineer Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest with a Rolex watch, while explorer Renov Fein tamed the South Pole with the same Rolex.

8.The world’s most reliable

Rolex was the first watch brand to be chronometer-certified for its -4 /+ 6 seconds average accuracy.

9.The great secret of the sky

Rolex also produced quartz movements, a secret that many people don’t know.When you were a leading or famous watch company in the 1960s, you couldn’t escape this sad era.

10.The deep sea is no match for me

A genius called Jacques Piccard took a Rolex to the Marianas Trench, where it still kept near-perfect time beneath 11,000 feet (over 3,000 metres) of seawater.

11.The first multi-time watch on the planet

Rolex’s GMT Master is the first watch on earth to display time in two time zones at the same time.

12.I’m actually quite hands-on sometimes

The cheapest Rolex is called the Air-King, which can be pre-ordered for US$3,000.

13.Sometimes I can be crazy

The most expensive Rolex is priced at $485,350, or just over $3 million.

14.A favourite of extreme sports enthusiasts

Many extreme sports enthusiasts, especially divers, wear Rolexes.

15.Rolexes can also solve crimes

Thanks to the special markings on Rolex watches designed for their owners, the police can track down the identity of the owner. In addition, when the wearer dies,replica rolex uk the mechanical watch stops moving because it loses power, allowing the police to deduce precisely the event of the deceased’s death. ▼

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